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  • Standing ovation for Deborah Ramirez! She was awarded the Superintendent’s Award at North East ISD for going "above and beyond" with her students! She has made her Health Science Technology classes at Roosevelt "hands on" and invited many community members to come into her classroom and share expertise.

  • Hooray for Kristine Hilliard who was just awarded the Rookie teacher of the year at Nichols Elementary in Northside ISD!

  • Congrats to Lionel Pearce! Holmgreen HS Rookie teacher of the year in Northside ISD! We are proud of you!

  • Way to go Eric Shields! Congratulations on receiving the Firstmark Credit Union Scholarship for Educators! Eric plans to purchase some much needed art supplies for his art students!

  • Kudos to Nichole Ellis - Kirby Middle School Outstanding New Teacher Award!

  • Congrats to Larry Fox - Cole High School Outstanding New Teacher Award!

  • Yahoo to Manuel Gonzales! Anson Jones New Teacher of the year in Northside ISD!

  • Congratulations to Ceci Allen! Northside ISD New Teacher of the Year at Stinson Middle School!

  • Congrats to James Spurrier! James along with 2 other coaches at Radiance Academy of Learning-Westlakes won the State Championship in 6 man football! It was an exciting game with the win coming in overtime! Thanks for volunteering your time after school hours to coach these students. You have definitely made a lasting impression!

  • Kudos to RoseMary Walker at Powell Elementary in Northside! She raised $575 for the Northside Education Foundation and was treated to a special dinner with Superintendent Dr John Folks for her efforts. Just one of many examples as to how our teachers are contributing members of the education profession! Thanks for your efforts.

  • Rebecca Malagamba was named Comal ISD Teacher of the Month for the entire district! Congratulations!

  • New Teacher of the Year awarded to Olga Barreto at Northside Children's Center in Northside ISD. We are so proud of our new teachers!

  • Yipee for Lisa Martinez, Warren High School, Northside ISD - New Teacher of the Year! Congrats!

  • Michael Conrad, Sul Ross Middle School, Northside ISD, was just named New Teacher of the Year for the campus! WAY TO GO!

  • Rosemary Walker at Powell Elementary in Northside ISD just was awarded her SECOND grant for her Pre-K classroom! Awesome Job!

  • Way to go Catherine Voorhis! Stevenson MIddle School New Teacher of the Year in Northside ISD.

  • Kudos to Janina Brown, named New Teacher of the Year at Nellie Reddix Center in Northside ISD.

  • Congrats to Marisol Alfaro, New Teacher of the Year at Colonies North Elementary School in Northside ISD.

The ACT Organization is a professional organization that promotes excellence. They have a proven strategy for clients that when executed by like-minded professionals, from any walk of life, they can produce results (Passing Scores on State Exams). Prior to my decision of enrolling with ACT, I did my due diligence: asked lots of questions, visited the office several times, took practice tests, read everything that was suggested, studied & attended every institute class and test review, etc. Their strategy is straight forward, logical & rational. The missing ingredient is you. If you are organized & feel called to teaching as a vocation, ACT is the preeminent choice among Adult Certification Firms. Call me for any other information you may need in your discernment process.
Thank you,
David L. Rosa
office: 210-473-9409
***David, we love it when candidates do their homework to choose a program! It is good to know that our services are seen as valuable to our clients! Thank you for choosing us to assist you with your certification journey. Good luck to you as you look to secure employment! - Rae Queen
Mr. Queen,
Because of your program, I am now a mentor teacher, a basketball and volleyball coach and the founder of a girl's and boy's leadership club at my school. I have also been invited to join the Campus Leadership Team and love my job. I do appreciate everything ya'll have done to make this happen and encourage people to go through your program. Finally, I'm working on my master's degree in educational leadership at this time. All of this because of the door ya'll opened for me.
Again, thank you for assisting me.
Caroline Zaversnik
****Caroline, Thank you for the letter! We are so please that you are doing well and enjoying the profession of teacher! Our goal is to put caring and committed teachers in the classroom that will make a lasting impact on kids. Keep up the good work and let us know when you get your first principal job!
  • Rebecca Templeton, in conjunction with her Instructional Assistant, Beja Jonini, at Valley Hi Elementary in Northside ISD has been award a classroom grant for her PPCD classroom!

  • Kudos to Rosemary Walker at Powell Elementary in Northside ISD! She has been awarded a grant for her Pre-K classroom and just about ready to submit her second grant!

  • Congratulations to Lizette Hogeland-Powers! She was named New Teacher of the Year for Carlos Coon Elementary in Northside ISD.

  • LINDA AGUILAR is doing a wonderful job at Murnin Elementary - Northside ISD - she was just selected as First Year Teacher of the Year on her campus!

  • Hats off to CLARENCE JOSEPH - Kirby Middle School - Judson ISD - named Outstanding New Teacher of the Year!

  • BARBARA KARA at Woodlake Hills Middle School - Judson ISD - has been named Outstanding New Teacher of the Year! GREAT JOB!

  • Congratulations to SUSAN BAER - Gilbert Elementary - Harlandale ISD - New Teacher of the Year!

  • Way to go! JAMIE JOSEPH - Marshall High School - Northside ISD - New Teacher of the Year!

  • Yipee for MARIBEL CANTU - Northwest Crossing Elementary - Northside ISD - New Teacher of the Year!

  • Congratulations to YVETTE WHITE - Carroll Bell Elementary - Harlandale ISD - New Teacher of the Year!

  • Way to go FRANK HAMMEN - Shepherd Middle School - South San ISD - Nominated by Principal for the SPURS Player of the Game - Honored at a Home Spurs Game! How Awesome!

  • Congrats to PAM ZABLOCKI - New Teacher of the Year Award at Warren High School - Northside ISD

Dear Dr. Queen:
Based on personal experience, I write to encourage all qualified candidates to choose ACT-SA, and only ACT-SA. Why do I feel so strongly? Because after completing ACT-SA's challenging Institute, after eight months as an Intern, after pouring my heart and soul into a tough teaching assignment at a wonderful campus in an excellent school district, after passing every test and meeting every standard set by the State of Texas, by the school district and by ACT-SA (whose standards were the toughest of the three!), my certification was suddenly threatened by campus administration. There was no warning. There had been no serious incident, and only two very minor ones. There was no formal paperwork to support this capricious refusal to sign off on my certification. Nonetheless, there it was. My new, deeply satisfying profession was about to be destroyed by one individual after a single year.
I panicked. Then I called you. You personally reviewed the extensive year-long portfolio compiled by your team, including the voluminous, detailed contributions of my extraordinary field advisor, Catherine Koop. You investigated the paperwork provided by my district, including my students' exemplary TAKS results (due in large part to all I learned with ACT-SA). At that point, you were fully prepared. You interceded on my behalf by contacting the highest levels of my district's administration. The remedy proved to be a lengthy process, during which you frequently phoned, long after business hours, to provide updates and answer my questions. Because of your commanding knowledge of TEA and education law, your love of the teaching profession, your dedication to the program you direct and a lot of hard work, I now hold Standard Certifications as both a 4-8 Generalist and as a Special Educator, EC-12. I continue to teach at the same school in the same district.
Here is my point: My career was protected because of the high standards and practices ACT-SA imposes at every step of teacher preparation. My assigned students learned math and did well on TAKS because of everything the program taught me. ACT-SA is a demanding program. That is how all the carefully compiled appraisals and work product were available to support our assertion that I am fully qualified to hold a Texas teaching credential. Most of all, you and ACT-SA stood up for me when I needed it most. Could an on-line program have done that? Yeah, right.
"There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot make a little worse, and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price alone are that man's lawful prey." It's true for ice cream. It's true for education. It's true for a career.
Thank you.
Victoria Collins

P. S. Please feel free to publish this letter in whole or in part. Should a candidate have further questions, I will be happy to contact him or her on request.
***Victoria, you are a wonderful, devoted classroom teacher. Congratulations on your certification - you deserve it! This is exactly why ACT stands behind our hard working interns with support -working collaboratively with all districts in the San Antonio area. Continue on with the great work!  - Rae
Dear Dr. Queen, I would just like to say thank you very much. I am pleased to say that I recently received my State Certification as a Teacher for the State of Texas. I could have not done it without God and your caring staff, teachers and advisors. My Advisor Mrs. Katherine Koop was an outstanding advisor to me. She would always return my calls and emails as soon as possible and always gave me wonderful advice and tips to improve myself as a teacher. The ACT office staff is always so knowledgeable. I transferred from ACT-RGV where the program originated and as soon as I made contact with your office in San Antonio I did not feel lost, because I knew I was in good hands. You have been a blessing for me. I enjoyed my first year as a teacher. I admit I did struggle, but I could have not done it without your knowledgeable teachers, advisors and staff. I passed all my tests on the first try, couldn't have done it without your review sessions. Each teacher pinpointed what targets we needed to focus on to succeed, many thanks for that. My dependency to you as an intern is over, but my loyalty to ACT-SA and ACT RGV will not diminish. Thanks a million for everything. I will always recommend you to future teachers. May the Lord bless you, the ACT-SA staff, teachers and advisors for your wonderful work.
Esmeralda Fabela
Trinity Christian Academy
***Esmeralda, Thank you for your kind and heart felt words. You are EXACTLY the type of teacher that we hope to produce, and letters like yours remind us why we are in this profession. May God Bless you in your future endeavors.  – Rae
  • Congrats to Robert Cater - San Antonio ISD - Fox Tech High School - His Culinary Arts class won a $1000 prize for the best salsa in a local contest!

  • Congrats to Ken Smith - Rookie Teacher of the Year in Northside ISD at Hobby Middle School

  • Congrats to Cynthia Keeler - Teacher of the Year In Southside ISD at Southside DAEP.

  • Congrats to Danny Waterman - Rookie Teacher of the Year in Northside ISD at Taft High School!

  • Congrats to James Joseph - Rookie Teacher of the Year in Northside ISD at Clark High School!

  • Kudos to all our Fall 2006 Interns! This group had a 95% pass rate on the EC-12 PPR Exam that was taken in December! FANTASTIC!!!
Dr. Queen,
Having read all your bios and "claims to fame" prior to enrolling I was unremarkably impressed. I was ignorant and uninformed. I did not know the environment you were laboring in. Someone at NISD recommended your program to me. Fortunately, I was at the right place at the right time.
As a newbie teacher and a current intern (and having decreased my ignorance some), I'M REALLY IMPRESSED! At ACT-SA you have a small staff of real professionals, all five of you.
My field advisor is "top notch." In hind sight, I could not have hand-picked a field advisor better than Susan Gee. She is FANTASTIC! Susan is a professionally personable person who has her priorities straight, plans ahead, and is extremely proactive. You need to clone her.
My first week of Institute with Mary Lynn Chambers reinforced my opinion that you guys are not only good, but great. I wish I had such talent working for me in my former career.
This is simply a "thank you" from a student who appreciates what it takes to make a program succeed and is learning a lot.
Danny Waterman
  • Congratulation to Anne Eakes! She received a new teacher grant in Northside ISD. She currently teaches Science at Marshall HS. Thanks for going above and beyond!

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