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Tips for Being a Successful Teacher

Are you a brand-new teacher and are looking for the keys to becoming a successful teacher? Being successful in the classroom varies among teachers because they tend to use different styles and methods. However, like in most aspects of life, it’s all about your attitude…

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Enjoy Your Spring Break

There is nothing better than the sound of the final bell ringing on the Friday before spring break. It’s the sound that means a week of freedom, time to relax and regroup for the remainder of the school year. Here are a few ways to…

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What Makes Our Program Special?

Are you looking for a place to earn your teacher certification? ACT San Antonio is a unique alternative certification program that is different from the rest. Our streamlined and affordable teacher certification program provides everything you need to quickly begin your career in education and…

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Fun Activities for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday dedicated to love and friendship. At schools, it is chaos fueled by various candies and other sweets. Your students are likely to be hyper and may have trouble focusing on lesson plans that are too in depth. Here are a…

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Behavior Management

Your first year of teaching can be the hardest. You have a full classroom full of young minds to shape. Behavior management issues can seem intimidating, but being prepared for those moments will go a long way to helping you. You will always be learning…

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New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers

New Year’s is the time for making resolutions for the next year that you may- or in most cases may not- successfully accomplish. Resolutions about your personal life are popular to make, but may be incredibly helpful in your professional life as well. All teachers…

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Clinical Teaching in 2018

Are you considering Clinical Teaching in 2018? The deadline has already passed for clinical teaching in the Spring of 2018, but there are still opportunities to do clinical teaching in the Fall. Clinical teaching is step three in our certification process. (A two-semester teaching internship…

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Sleep Deprivation

Getting enough sleep is imperative to giving 100% in the classroom. If you are not at your best, your students will be able to tell and getting through the day will be more difficult. With the holidays drawing nearer it may be hard to find…

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Stay Fit During the Holidays

The holidays are around the corner! This time of year is filled with delicious food and sweets and long hours spent indoors, hiding from the cold weather. As a teacher, working long and stressful days around this time of year, it can be hard to…

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