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Why Choose ACT?

ACT is an alternative teacher certification program that is designed to expedite and simplify the process of becoming a teacher. What is an alternative teacher certification, you may ask? Alternative teacher certification is a process one can complete in order to become a teacher. There…

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Ways to Encourage Reading in the Classroom

Back to school is around the corner. Your classroom has been decorated and lesson plans have been created. Do you have time set aside for reading? Reading is an important part of school and a skill that your students will use throughout their life. It…

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What Makes a Great Teacher?

Teaching is one of the most important jobs out there. Educating the next generation is a complex career that requires a lot out of educators. There are many characteristics teachers should have; loving kids is a good example. But what makes a great teacher? Here…

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Stay Ahead During the Summer

Stay Ahead During the Summer
Summer is the time to take a break from the classroom and do a little relaxing. Maybe take a trip to see a loved one or visit an exciting city a few states over. However,…

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Time to Grow!

Spring is the season of growth and freshness and new beginnings! Start off the season with a fun…

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New Year, New You- Keeping Your Resolutions

At the beginning of a new year, teachers, just like everyone else, make new resolutions. Most of the time those resolutions include more private concerns such as exercising more, eating better, losing weight, trying new things, etc. However, the New…

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Helpful Tips for Lesson Planning

As the year ticks by, it seems like teachers have more and more added to their plate. Planning for a lesson can be so stressful especially when it comes to preparing for tests and projects. The curriculum gets harder and so does your schedule. With the last…

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Time for Thanksgiving

This time of year can really get the best of you. With the end of the semester coming, you know there are so many deadlines to meet and little minds to grow before you all part for the holidays. To…

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