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What is ACTSA?

Alternative Certification for Teachers in San Antonio is a state approved teacher certification program that has the authority to assist individuals in receiving their teacher certification in Texas without additional university coursework.

What is Teacher Certification?

Teacher certification is a program one must complete in order to become a teacher. The state of Texas offers specifically designed programs in order to ensure all educators are at an adequate level of teaching ability. Teacher certification can be achieved through additional university coursework or through an alternative teaching certification program.

What is Clinical Teaching?

Clinical teaching is designed to provide educators with teaching experience through direct involvement with students. This hands on approach allows those trying to become teachers the opportunity to learn through interaction within a classroom setting.

What does “alternative teacher certification” mean?

Alternative teacher certification is a process one can complete in order to become a teacher. ACT’s process differs from traditional teacher certification programs as it does not require additional university coursework. Alternative teacher certification programs are designed to expedite and simplify the process of becoming a teacher.

How do I know that you are legitimate?

The State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) has reviewed and approved our program through their rigorous review process. You can visit their website and look under “Approved Programs” to see our program information.

What is the difference between the certification that I will receive from your program compared to the certification that I may receive from a University based program?

The teacher certification that you receive from ACT San Antonio is exactly the same as the certification you would receive from any other program. The state does not differentiate between programs on the teaching certificate. With ACT San Antonio, you are not required to take additional university coursework to receive your teacher certification.

Are your program fees comparable to other programs?

Yes. It is important to note when comparing programs that ACT San Antonio’s program costs include all fees necessary to become a certified teacher. ACT San Antonio does not have additional fees such as tuition, books, building use fees, parking fees, etc.

What is the difference between your program and so many of the others?

Everyone in the ACT San Antonio office is a certified teacher with classroom or administrative experience. ACT San Antonio’s training program is done in small groups by actual classroom teachers. We are personal, accessible and can answer your questions on the spot.

Does your program actually get me a teaching job? Will school districts hire me if I am in ACT San Antonio?

ACT San Antonio does not guarantee you a teaching position. ACT will provide you with the necessary tools and skills to enter the market and seek employment in a school district. Because Texas has a teaching shortage in many areas, districts will and do hire alternative certification candidates to fill high need areas. ACT San Antonio encourages you to visit school districts’ websites to see what their “high need areas” are and if they can recommend a certification program.

Will I receive college credit for attending this program?

No. We are a private entity and not affiliate with a University system. However, you can receive certificates of Professional Development that may assist you with CEU credits on your campus once you are hired.

I’m not sure that I have enough hours in ___ to meet the requirements. I am not sure that my GPA is a 2.5. Should I still apply?

In order for ACT San Antonio to answer these types of questions, we need to evaluate your transcript. ACT’s program follows the state guidelines very closely and we want to make sure that you meet state guidelines for certification before we recommend you to a specific area. ACT’s program coordinators need to review your transcripts and calculate your GPA. Fax us your transcript with a cover letter explaining your situation, desired teaching field and contact information. If you are deficient in one area, ACT’s program coordinators can counsel you as to what you need to do to meet the requirements.

I will be graduating next semester; can I go ahead and start your program?

Bring a copy of your transcript to our ACT San Antonio office – if you are close to graduation and meet certain core subject requirements, ACT can allow you to participate in the Preparation Session. However, you will not be allowed to secure employment in a school district until a degree is conferred on your final, official transcript and you have a letter of acceptance from our ACT San Antonio program. 

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