ACT San Antonio
An accelerated, alternative teacher preparation program for highly qualified
individuals seeking a successful career as a teacher in the State of Texas.

Why Choose ACT?

At ACT San Antonio, we are truly dedicated to making the process for alternative teacher certification as seamless as possible. Our staff has been there before! Everyone in our office is a certified teacher, administrator, or has been an instructional assistant or substitute teacher. We understand that your time is valuable, and we want to make the process to becoming a certified teacher in San Antonio as easy for you as it can be. ACT San Antonio is here for you through every step of the way-that is one big difference between us and our competitors. Our one on one process begins with the application, and carries through each class, test, student teaching, and even through the hiring process. Our commitment goes above and beyond to help you not only become a certified teacher in San Antonio, but to obtain a teaching position in the fields you are interested in. Contact us today to schedule your appointment, or download the application now.

  • Everyone in our office is a certified teacher, administrator, or has been an instructional assistant or substitute teacher.We feel that a program must really know the education system before it can prepare successful teachers. (other programs are run by people that have never been in a classroom)
  • The majority of our training is done face-to- face, in small groups(22:1) by actual classroom teachers according to your certification area (Other programs save money by training in large groups 200:1)
  • Our training program is specific to your certification area
  • Our curriculum is NCLB approved and guaranteed to be in alignment with the educator standards.
  • Each candidate will be assigned a Field Supervisor that is available to them round the clock. (other programs have "coaches" or "advisors" that only show up once or twice a year to offer guidance)
  • All of our Field Supervisors are certified classroom teachers - totaling 650+ years of experience in the classroom and PDAS trained. Each candidate will receive a guaranteed minimum of 5 classroom visits and meet monthly with a small cohort (10:1) for on-going professional development and support throughout the first year.
  • Because our Field Supervisors spend so much time on your campus, ACT has been proactive and completed a background check on each of our Field Supervisors to be in compliance with SB 9.
  • ACT values mentors and their expertise - so we pay each mentor a $500 stipend for contributing to the development of our intern. In addition, they receive state approved mentor training and have the opportunity to earn CPE credits for their efforts. (other programs leave the responsibility of mentoring to the state and there is no guarantee that the service is being provided.)
  • ACT offers review sessions and tutorials for TExES exams tests at no additional charge to our candidates. Last December, all of our 2007-08 interns took the PPR exam with a 95% pass rate, one of the highest pass rates in the state. (Other program set candidates up for tests for which they are not qualified - causing candidates to spend excessive money on exams. They also charge for reviews and materials.)