ACT San Antonio
An accelerated, alternative teacher preparation program for highly qualified
individuals seeking a successful career as a teacher in the State of Texas.

Program Fees

Comparing Program fees? Make sure you're comparing Apples to Apples!

ACT-San Antonio is the most cost-effective program of its type when you factor in the direct personal guidance/training, the success rate of our participants, as well as the qualifications and expertise of the staff who will be guiding you through the process. ACT San Antonio is here for you through every step of the way-that is one big difference between us and our competitors. Our one on one process begins with the application, and carries through each class, test, student teaching, and even through the hiring process. Our commitment goes above and beyond to help you not only become a certified teacher in San Antonio, but to obtain a teaching position in the fields you are interested in. There are NO hidden fees with our program!

We understand that money is important to many candidates, but the quality and support that you receive from your teacher certification program should be your first consideration. We have kept our fees as low as possible in relation to the quality alternative teacher certification program we provide for those wishing to become teachers in Texas. Be sure to read our
"why choose ACT" section to be sure you're getting the most for your money!

Admission Fee - $50

Payable at your face to face interview, only if you decide to join our program.

Training Fee - $495

Includes all books and materials. You will be instructed by actual classroom teachers in small group, individualized training sessions, specific to your certification area.

You are also encouraged to participate in our face to face, small group TExES test review and/or tutorial sessions. We provide these sessions at no additional cost to you to help you be successful on your TExES Exams. In the Fall of 2007, ACT San Antonio had a 95% pass rate for first time test takers on the EC-12 PPR!

***Once you secure a teaching assignment, you will start automatic bank drafts of your Internship Fee***

Internship Fee/Clinical Teaching Fee - $3695

This fee Includes payment of a Mentor teacher ($500) and all books and materials. You will also receive a PDAS trained Field Supervisor, assigned by the program, to assist you in every endeavor of your first year of teaching. Our guarantee to you is that you will have personal contact, feedback, and monitoring by your personally assigned Field Supervisor. Our program works with you, your mentor teacher, and your campus administration to make sure that you are progressing toward your goal of becoming a certified teacher.

Fees payable to the state for certification. All teacher certification programs in the state of Texas will have these fees, payable to the State or testing company.
Content TExES Exam
PPR Exam
Finger Print Fee
Finger print Company: L1
Probationary Certificate
Standard Certificate

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