ACT San Antonio
An accelerated, alternative teacher preparation program for highly qualified
individuals seeking a successful career as a teacher in the State of Texas.

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ACT Alternative Certification for Teachers in San Antonio

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ACT Alternative Certification for Teachers in San Antonio

ACT Alternative Certification for Teachers in San Antonio

About ACT San Antonio

Accelerated, Alternative Program

ACT San Antonio provides a proven and research-based preparation program developed on sound educational philosophy and pedagogy. This accelerated, alternative teacher certification program provides an alternative route to teacher certification without additional university coursework. Our goal is to help individuals become educators through an alternative teacher preparation program designed to expedite the teacher certification process. At ACT San Antonio, we assist those seeking to become a teacher in Texas in any way possible. We understand how difficult the teacher certification process can be and look for ways to simplify your experience. The traditional teacher certification process is not for everyone, which is why we provide an alternative teacher certification program to fit your needs.


ACT San Antonio is committed to providing extensive support and feedback to our first year teachers through collaboration with program staff, campus administration, and trained campus mentors. We believe your education continues after the completion of our teacher certification program and is vital to your success as an educator. Our commitment to every teacher goes beyond the coursework and into the classroom. Our one on one process begins with the application, and carries through each class, test, student teaching, and even through the hiring process. Our commitment goes above and beyond to help you not only become a certified teacher in San Antonio, but to obtain a teaching position in the fields you are interested in. Everyone in our office is a certified teacher, administrator, or has been an instructional assistant or substitute teacher. With an experienced staff, and unparalleled commitment to helping you achieve your teacher certification, ACT San Antonio is here for you.

Teacher/Student Success

ACT San Antonio believes in "Students First" - for the candidate, our focus is preparation and support for a successful first year; for the classroom student, our priority is to assure quality classroom instruction for maximum student achievement and learning. ACT San Antonio provides you with an alternative teacher certification approach allowing you to complete your teacher certification quickly and begin educating as soon as possible.Our alternative approach to teacher certification provides educators with the tools necessary to educate others in a positive learning environment. With an experienced staff of educators in a variety of fields, we ensure your alternative teacher certification will adequately prepare you for your career as a teacher in Texas. Becoming a teacher in San Antonio can be a long and tedious process.


ACT San Antonio believes that successful teachers are caring, dedicated, and nurturing. Our alternative teacher certification program supports these qualities through various program components that provide on going professional development and growth. The support teachers find through our teacher certification program provides each individual with the tools necessary to excel as an educator in and outside of the classroom setting. With a staff of experienced educators, we understand how difficult the teacher certification process can be which is why our alternative teacher certification program is designed to support those wishing to become a teacher in Texas. Without adequate support, the stresses of becoming a teacher in San Antonio can be overwhelming. Let ACT San Antonio help you every step of the way in achieving your teacher certification.


ACT San Antonio provides access to the teaching profession through a program staff that makes itself readily available to Personnel Directors, Campus Administration, Mentors, and individuals seeking alternative teacher certification. Our teacher preparation program is designed to introduce future educators to an accelerated route to teacher certification. All of our staff have experience as educators and are available to assist you in becoming a teacher. We understand how difficult the teacher certification process can be and do our best to provide educators with the tools necessary to become successful teachers through our alternative certification process.